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Halloween Treat Quest
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Name: Halloween Treat Quest

Description: Pick a costume, gather candy and make sure pumpkins are carved.

Instuctions: Rules: Remember you house number. You have 5 hours until 9 o'clock when you have to go to bed. The X in the chimney shows that a house has been visited with the current costume. If a house has a pumpkin it means that it has candy. You can only get candy from a house once per costume. If the "Parents worrying" bar is filled your parents will bring you home (Game Over). Find the skateboard to move faster. Visit home to deposit your candy and calm your parents. You will move slower if you have too much candy on you. A visited house shows how much candy it has left. Play with mouse or arrow keys and Enter, r for restart and m for menu.

Keywords: halloweencandytreatghostscaryen

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Category: Adventure

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