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Grave Blaster
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Name: Grave Blaster

Description: Protect your sphere from zombies, djinns, skeletons and many more by shooting at them. You control 3 soldiers, each have 6 different weapons that can be upgraded in many ways, each soldier have a different role and characteristics.

Instuctions: Fire - Left Click mouse. Switch To Soldier 1 (left) - Press "1" key. Switch To Soldier 2 (center) - Press "2" key. Switch To Soldier 3 (right) - Press "3" key. Next Weapon (if the soldier has more than 1 weapon) - Press "E" key. Prev Weapon (if the soldier has more than 1 weapon) - Press "Q" key. Access Upgrade Shop / Pause the game - Press "Esc" key. Use Soldier 2 special mode - Press "Space" key when the special gauge full.

Keywords: ActionShootingShooter

Plays: 14

Category: Action

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