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Crossroads: The Haze
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Name: Crossroads: The Haze

Description: Four royal brothers stand back-to-back, fighting to defend their dear Mama -- and their kingdom! Customize your party and face Turn-Based Danger on every side in the mysterious land of The Haze. Will you survive the journey and thwart the nefarious Bandit King? (That dang old Bandit King...)

Instuctions: BASIC CONTROLS Select Ability: click hero, click desired ability Rotate Party: Left/Right arrows, or A and D Attack: Spacebar (there are also clickable buttons for the Rotate and Attack commands) Consult the in-game tutorial for more advanced instructions. Tip: The King character is a bit of a late bloomer. Choose him if you enjoy a strategic challenge.

Keywords: RPGDefenseStrategyTower DefenseFantasyKingBanditTurnbasedRole Playing Gameen

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Category: Other

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