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Pyramid Of Cheops Solitaire
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Name: Pyramid Of Cheops Solitaire

Description: Create card groups of 13 points total and clear out the pyramid. Release snakes hidden in the top row for an additional bonus. The more cards you uncover in the allotted time, the higher your score will be.

Instuctions: Controls: - click the left mouse button to mark the cards, - form a group of cards totalling 13 to remove them from the Pyramid, - you can remove only cards which are not covered by other cards, - use the help cards when you donít have other moves, - Joker can change the main card Ė only one use, - clear all cards to unlock new chapters Combos and bonuses: - move the highest cards to free the snake and get bonus, - the more cards you can take away per move, without making use of the help cards, the more series points you will earn

Keywords: cardspuzzlesolitairepyramidcheopspyramid of cheopsen

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Category: Casino

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